scuba diving !

south-east asia is a fantastic area for scuba diving. the anderman sea is just great. there are so many dive spots with so many fishes, lots of corals and even some wraks. similan island, suri islands, hin daeng and hin maung just to tell you some.

some dive pix are just one click away

I learned scuba diving in 1997 in thailand. robi and I were for some months in south-east asia travelling and met with a few friends on koh phi phi, some been already divers. so we thought it would be nice if we could make some fun dives with them. we arrived the island and we had a bit luck to meet a thai, who was one of the first diving instructors on the island and knew of course the area very well. he recommended us to a swiss girl who was working as freelancer with "sea frog" because he said that it would be advantageous to learn scuba diving in it´s mother language and she was also a fantastic teacher. with corina we had a lot fun and enjoyed a great education. with her and also with her boss somchai we did our PADI training. the open water and the advanced open water diver. since that time scuba diving belongs to my biggest passion and I always enjoy coming back to phi phi to make some fun dive over there. but there are of course other places in thailand, but also in indonesia and egypt, where I was scuba diving. let´s start again with koh phi phi, koh lanta and the amdaman sea. here are so many divespots, so I have not seen all of them. season at the anderman sea is from october to april with a water temperature between 26 and 31 oC. if you need information about dive center or school´s just ask.


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