dear friends who love bee bee's little village, welcome to bee bee bungalows fan page from diigii.de  (dg)
I like to point some parts from the little world of bee bee´s little village, for me the most relaxed place in thailand. if you are also a friend, or you like to share any news or information, please e-mail or use my guestbook. thanks and enjoy this page.

my friends An and Kaoru opened - bee bee´s little village bungalows - on koh lanta at khlong khong beach in november 1999. before they stayed on koh phi phi and run the viking village for a couple of years. can you stay at bee bee bungalow individual huts in bamboo and wood architecture. all bungalows are with mosquito net, fan, shower and toilet. the bungalows are build with passion and love for details. to build wooden and bamboo huts is not the cheapest but the most beautiful way of thai architecture. also that’s why we love to stay at such places. An and Kaoru have as well a fantastic restaurant with excellent thai food, as a lounge bar at the beach to relax and to view the sunset.

I would suggest to stay at least one or two weeks at bee bee´s little village. I am sure only than can you get the feeling of the little village and be a part of the bee bee family.

everybody who made nice photo´s at bee bee´s is welcome to send them to me and also on this way can you be a part of the little village family of bee bee´s.

bee bee little village bungalows is open in the dry season from approx. october to may.

if you need more information please send an e-mail to diigii@diigii.de


an´s headwords from the guestbook

30.01.2009 07:03     beebee king

hello to all beebee's friend, hope you all are ok! now koh lanta is quiet abit less less tourist but we still survived many thanks to all friend that support beebee. In your countries must be cold right now, here on lanta sun is so strong but the breez cool everything down , would be better to have one time hardly rain come down , i still waiting for the rain or shoud i do the rain dance ! oh to whoever like to come to beebee is better to make a phone call , it's easier by this  (+66-81-5379932) . sinjea uehi sinnee huadshai . don't think to much , this is a chinese words for chinese new year a few days ago , so good luck everyone. if anymore information ask my genaral manager ;-) in europe mr.dg for free ..... love you all beebee king (An)


one more note from the guestbook

05.12.2010 04:57     beebee king

hello !
something about beebee ,before plan to stay with us !! we are no star hotel,no hot shower,no plastic chairs around swim pool ,and flowers on the bed,,!so if you are not looking for thoese !yes beebee it s a place with heart.
you just call 66-0815379932 An
beebee king

another note from the guestbook

07.05.2011 05:07     beebee king

hello! dg ,britta and all beebee´s friends !!
thank so much for all friends who has been to beebee and supported beebee some remember some not! some takes time to remember. but hope very much you all have a beautiful time at beebee, this is just another tourist season which is going to be an ending very soon, we plan to close down on 15 may this month and open agian on october, now a bit raining not too bad like a month ago still ok! but the sea to day pritty rough and high. but high tide or low tide beebee will be your side, thank you to read and bye bye til next season ..... An + Kaoru and beebee (bee bee king and queen)

cet - central european time


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